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Promoting an open, transparent culture

At Unikai, we realize the importance of getting the best out of our people. Especially, in a competitive sector like FMCG, individual initiative is as crucial as collective performance. We hire the finest talent. We invest in their skills and potential. And to help them achieve the pinnacle of success, we offer them a level playing field. We give them a workplace that is flatter, open and transparent. This, in turn, enables them to open up and collaborate better. Here is how we make our work environment more empowering for the individual:


Fosters transparency and trust, leading to a free flow of ideas and perspectives.

Equal opportunity

Ensures zero-discrimination through an unbiased provision of opportunities.


Encourages an inclusive environment that leverages diverse talents and traditions. No wonder our open offices are a celebration of growth –personal as well as professional, individual as well as organizational. For us, less is more: Less walls, more doors. And that defines our work ethos.

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